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Role and Responsibilities

Marketplace Commercial Receivership

Given the recent economic downturn and challenging real estate market, numerous lending institutions have been forced to foreclose on distressed properties throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota and beyond. Marketplace Commercial is an experienced property management provider, serving as the court-appointed Receiver in such instances.

Marketplace Commercial's role as Receiver is to professionally manage the property by mitigating any deterioration and maximizing the property's economic and physical health.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Stabilizing property operations and ensuring tenant retention
  • Managing cash flow and producing monthly financial reports
  • Development and implementation of the property‚Äôs strategic plan
  • Oversight and direction of any on-site property management staff
  • Evaluation and creation of marketing and leasing strategies
  • Devising and implementing an optimal exit strategy

Acting as Receiver, Marketplace Commercial's primary objective is to stabilize the asset to maximize its value for subsequent sale.