The Marketplace Advantage

At Marketplace Commercial, we believe the commitment we make to our clients sets us apart. We focus on building long-term relationships by addressing your specific needs. We combine strong real estate experience with local market expertise to ensure an optimal return on your real estate investment. There’s no better way to conduct business.

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Scope of Services

Marketplace Commercial is focused solely on representing clients in their real estate dealings. Our core areas of expertise are property management and brokerage, including leasing as well as acquisitions and dispositions. The cornerstone of our success stems from the ability to clearly define our clients' objectives and our unwavering commitment to maximizing the value of their real estate. Marketplace employs a disciplined approach with each property assignment:

  • We conduct a thorough tour of each property to ensure familiarity and to identify any immediate improvements that may be beneficial in the marketing process.
  • We identify competitive properties and develop a strategy to favorably position your property within the competitive environment.
  • We have the right tools to expose your property to the largest audience possible.
  • We firmly believe that leveraging technology to generate property awareness will lead to quicker transactions.
  • We look beyond the immediate transaction in an effort to determine the highest and best use of your real estate and then pursue the greatest opportunity.
  • We are creative in our marketing plan, exploring all possible avenues from subleasing to property auctions.
  • We conduct thorough financial analysis to ensure that each transaction is a sound fiscal decision.
  • We employ sound property management systems and procedures to ensure that your property is maintained in the best possible condition.
  • We place special emphasis on tenant retention, which is crucial to the long-term success of a property.

In short, accountability starts and stops with Marketplace Commercial. We approach each assignment as if we own the property ourselves.